The Tracker


Sam doesn’t have a business card. Nothing that says Samuel W. Callahan, Political Tracker, Esq. Instead, he gets paid to hide in crowds, following candidates on the campaign trail to record their every misstep, public and private. It’s something Sam’s oddly good at since he grew up on the streets. And it’s not like he has anyone waiting for him at home. After a life spent in and out of foster care, Sam isn’t very good at getting close to people, or letting people get close to him. He just needs enough money to finish up at Georgetown Law and find a decent job so he can finally stop running.

But when Sam witnesses something that could destroy a rising political star, he has no choice but to run. In the line of fire, Sam must outrun the memories of his past if he wants to have any hope of outrunning an assassin’s bullets.

“A gritty, compelling and altogether engrossing novel that reads as if ripped from the headlines. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Chad Zunker is the real deal.”

— Christopher Reich, New York Times Bestselling Author of Numbered Account and Rules of Deception

“Good Will Hunting meets The Bourne Identity.” — Fred Burton, New York Times Bestselling Author of Under Fire

“Wow! Adrenaline junkies, take note: THE TRACKER is one of those pulse-pounding, page-turning, over-in-one-night thrillers you’d expect from the regular names on the New York Times bestseller lists.” — Owen Laukkanen, Bestselling Author of The Professionals

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