Excerpt from “Weekend Getaways”


My next novel is in pre-release on Amazon right now. It’s a collection of four novellas, each telling the story of a different sexy weekend for characters in my “Naughty Northwest” series. I’m really proud of the stories – there is a lot of really tender romance to go along with hot and sexy smut – and am eager to get it out to my readers. 

Here’s an excerpt from the last chapter of the first part of the book. In this story, Mark is the narrator for a weekend of surfing with Cindy – and of course, many sexy friends they meet along the way. He has just spent the night in his tent with Peyton, a British gal who is seeing America with her not-quite-lesbian best friend Blake – who spent the night with Cindy in another tent about fifteen feet away.


Waking up with Peyton in my arms was familiar. I had woken up with Cindy in my arms many times; I always loved the feel of her lithe, warm body against mine. Peyton’s body was tucked into my arms, her firm, round buttocks pressed against my hips, her hands wrapped around my wrist as she nuzzled her soft cheek against my forearm. Cindy would sleep like this sometimes, hugging my arm like a teddy bear, comforting herself by my closeness. I smelled Peyton’s hair, feminine and elegant and pretty, but also outdoorsy and strong. Cindy’s hair was like that when we went hiking or played softball or went surfing. And Peyton’s closeness stirred desires in me much like Cindy’s did – desires to hold and caress and kiss and penetrate.

Yes, in some ways it was all very familiar.   

But waking up with Peyton was also different. Since the incident I had been lucky enough to have woken up with several gorgeous women – Brittany, Priya, and Lori to name just a few. They were all amazing. But each time I woke up with one of them, I also woke up with Cindy. I’m not complaining about that – I’m not crazy after all – but Cindy was always there. She is the woman I love, the woman that I want to spend my life with. The woman who I would do anything for. This morning, for the first time, I was waking up with another woman. Just one other woman – Peyton – and no Cindy. And I felt a little uncertain about what I should do about that.

“Hey…” she said softly, her delightful accent a pleasant surprise as it fell on my ear. “Morning.”

“Good morning,” I said, hugging her close almost automatically. “Did you sleep well?”

“I didn’t think I would, but… yeah, I slept real well. Thanks,” she said, stroking my fingers and gently nuzzling her cheek against my skin. “I.. I don’t sleep with other guys. Really sleep, that is – I obviously fuck them – I just… well, I never really want them there in the morning.”

“So… is this a problem for you?” I asked. “I could get up and start the fire if it was.”

“No!” she said abruptly. “No…” she repeated more softly. “It’s.. it’s real nice being with you. I was afraid yesterday that you would not want to be… well, physical with me. You seem like a really nice guy, and what I really wanted was a bad boy to grab me and just give it to me. And you did that. Even though I could tell that inside you’re still a really nice guy.”

“Guilty as charged,” I said. 

“I haven’t met very many nice guys,” Peyton said. “A couple, but they were always busy with other things.”

“Other things?” I asked.

“Yeah. Like their girlfriends. Speaking of, that Cindy of yours is quite something,” Peyton said, looking back over her shoulder at me.

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m really lucky to be with her.”

“She’s got quite the fucking mouth on her though, don’t she?”

“Oh yeah,” I chuckled. “She didn’t always though.” I don’t know why I told Peyton about Cindy’s trip to Paris, about how I had cheated on her with Mindy, about how Brittany had befriended Cindy and then had a threesome with us. I told her about Cindy giving me my first blowjob and fucking me in the elevator when it got stuck and I started to panic. And everything I told her, every single sentence, seemed to end in my head with “and that’s why I love her”.

“I think she’s really lucky to be with you, Mark,” Peyton said. “Listen; are you planning to go surfing this morning?”

It was a sudden shift of topic. “I was. Is there some reason I shouldn’t?” I asked.

“Only…” she said, taking a deep breath and stopping a few times. “Only… I thought I was a bad girl, right?” she finally said. “I thought that… like, who I was… was this randy redhead who can’t ever get enough cock. I thought I was this foul-mouthed slut who liked to shag’em and leave’m. But… meeting you and Cindy… I just don’t think I’m that any more. Well, not entirely that, anyway. Do you know what I mean?”

I didn’t. Not even slightly. “Maybe,” I said.


Mark goes on to make love to Peyton in a way that leaves both of them satisfied and in some ways changed. Mark and Cindy go surfing one last time that morning, then start the long drive back to the city in contented near-silence. Loving ensues and Mark and Cindy make love in the shower before falling asleep together for the first time all weekend.

This story is strongly romantic. It is strongly erotic too – that’s what I write, after all – but Mark’s deep and unflinching love for Cindy comes through in all of his actions. 

Like I said, I’m proud of what I’ve written…

Hugs + kisses…

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