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Wicked Bad Boys – Bella Love -Wins

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Meet the bad boy book
boyfriends who are alpha to the core, and who all have dark, secretive pasts.
This is a super-hot bundle of complete stories, with no cliffhangers and the
kindle-melting happy ever afters you love.
This bundle includes:
The Burnt Complete Series –
never before offered in a 99cents bundle.
The Billionaire’s Empire
Complete Series – a two-part series where book two has never been offered in a
99cents bundle before.
Bonus – Rocked Complete
Series – a billionaire bad boy romance series

The Billionaire’s Empire
POV -Solomon Sloan stands up. “Kara, a word outside?”
The two head out to the hallway, and suddenly I’m left to face Jonathan Sloan—the
man from this morning. I should have taken his number then, but I got the sense
he was assessing me somehow, with those piercing eyes. He stood too close to
me, gave off a captivating energy, and drew me in with his charm when he
offered to replace my tablet. 
Everything about him was infectious. That’s why I had to get out of there. Just from what
I had seen this morning, I sensed a guy like him would leave someone like me
needy and vulnerable, or turn me into someone obsessed. Right now, considering
that warning Kara gave me, I see my gut feeling was right. 
My legs are restless from sitting in Kara’s limousine for too long. Jonathan is
staring at me again. I stand up and walk over to the pool table. There are four
oil paintings that line the wall behind it. They offer a great distraction, and
an excellent reason to avoid his gaze.
“Miss Clark—is it actually Miss?” he asks, getting up and standing beside me as I
look on.
“Yes, it’s Miss.”
“Can I call you Rebecca?”
“Yes, yes of course.”
“Rebecca, then. Are you still too busy to let me replace that tablet?”
“I’m beginning to see you’re not one to dance around an issue.”
“It’s never been my style. Is that a yes?”
“The law firm will take care of it. Thank you, Mr. Sloan.”
“Please. Call me Jonathan. How about a drink this week? Or dinner perhaps?”
“Thank you for the offer, Jonathan, but it’s not necessary.”
He scoffs at me and returns to the armchair where he was sitting. I do exactly
what Kara says. I do not make eye contact or engage him.
“Haven’t you heard of innocent until proven guilty?”
“Excuse me?”
“You’ve already made up your mind about me, Rebecca.”
“I don’t know what you mean.”
“My father calls you to speak about an item, and for whatever reason, I’m already
guilty in your eyes.”
“That’s not true. I—”
He turns away from me and looks at the wall near the office door. “You know what,
Miss Clark? I don’t believe you would be best suited to have any involvement in
whatever my father chooses to do with your firm.” 
“Why is that, Mr. Sloan?”
“Admit it. You think I’m guilty.”
“I—I do not. All your father has asked for is advice based on a scenario. How could
I believe you’re guilty of a hypothetical situation?”
“What other reason could you possibly have to turn me down for dinner or drinks, Miss
“For one,” I start, “I’m very busy at the law firm. I work long hours almost every
He rolls his eyes and I realize I’ve followed him to where he’s standing. Again,
we’re inches away from each other. He’s a lot taller than me. I have to crane
my neck to look up at him, even in these five-inch pumps. I stand my ground,
waiting for his reply. His response surprises me. 
He gently places one hand on my shoulder. I do not move. My brain is telling my
muscles to move away, but I’m frozen. I feel a heat rise to my face. He snakes
the other arm around my waist. My stomach clenches from just his touch. He
leans his head
 in and brings his lips close to my ear. 

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