dearmisslouise: For a while now I’ve been avoiding selfys. I…


For a while now I’ve been avoiding selfys. I always thought that I never looked good on them even with the notorious myspace angle. It’s supposed to make you look slimmer but I always end up looking bloated and cheesy. Most of my profile photos online were taken by another person.

With my solo trip coming close, I decided that it was time that I “studied” taking selfys because that’s what I’d probably be doing most of the time on my trip. You know, since I’d be alone and I’m not really keen on asking strangers take my photos and appearing too tourist-y.

For almost a week, I kept on trying to find my best angle. I always thought that the shot from above was the best especially for chubby cheeks and double chins. But no. A hundred shots later, I only marginally liked less than 5 shots. With my arms tired and confidence torn to shreds, I set my kindle fire HD down and looked at my reflection (???) from an angle I avoided at all costs then slightly tilted my face a little to the right and a little downward. Wow…

I thought I looked great. So I did what any sensible woman would do: take photos from that angle until the cow comes home.

I have this camera app that allows users to straighten photos that were tilted so I tried it and by Jove, I loved it more! It also helped that I took photos in front of a giant window. I’m also proud to say that I didn’t use any blemish removing or smoothening tool in any of my photos. Just one filter to make the light warmer. Photo #3 was only edited with the straightening and cropping tool. All freckles are mine.I didn’t have drugged out eyes, double chin was at minimum, and who would’v thought I had cheekbones? I was just super happy to have photos of me that I liked. Recently, I’ve been seeing photos of me that made me feel really fat and ugly. I thought I only looked good in the mirror but never in photos. Yes, I know I’m being vain but it’s really been a while since I actually loved how I look in photos.  

It’s not perfect but I loved how I looked, and that’s all that matters. That’s how it always should be.

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