opalstream: Affirmation Through the gateway of meditation I…


Through the gateway of meditation I will enter God’s temple of peace everlasting. There I will worship Him at the altar of ever new contentment. I will kindle the fire of happiness to illuminate His temple within.

Become One With The Infinite

When an ordinary man puts the necessary time and enthusiasm into meditation and prayer, he becomes a divine man. My Master used to say: “The little cat that goes into the jungle becomes a wild cat.” The little man with small thoughts who goes into the jungle of books becomes absorbed in intellectualizing about God; he doesn’t find the nectar of God-realization. But the little man who meditates, who constantly thinks of the joy of God, who constantly prays to Him, becomes one with the Infinite.

When once you have heard the voice of God, you are on the way to the highest states of consciousness. You will know God as immanent and transcendent, personal and impersonal. You will worship Him as Spirit, and love Him in manifest form as the Nearest of the near.

-Paramahansa Yogananda, Divine Romance, p 382; Affirmation, Metaphysical Meditations, p 62.

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