WHO: MBM Property (FB)
WHAT: Kindle Fire HD
HOW: Like page; like and comment on the Facebook post.

My comment:

Insomnia last night- too many things going round my head and giving me stress. Once asleep, I dreamt I was balancing on a ledge with a friend, holding a grand piano; the weight was too much and it slipped out of our hands, crashing to the ground and taking us with it. But both we, and it, survived in one piece. Falling but surviving is now a recurring dream, though this was more about trying to hold onto something impossible and realising it’s ok if you just drop it. Anyway point is, it woke me up far too early and I need to be on point as I’m meeting this guy who will explain why I got a ‘high score’ on the online profile report his company did. I don’t know yet if this is A Good Thing, or A Problem, but I guess he will illuminate me. It could mean I am overexposed, which is certainly how I feel at the mo- perhaps explains why I have been visualizing safety blankets- I’m thinking of making one, like I used to when I was doing textiles. It was very soothing, and I think I could do with a bit of that.


from Tumblr http://kindlecompared.tumblr.com/post/141002387069
via http://www.kindlecompared.com


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