Dou Yee and the World regarding Semiconductors


Opine a enthusiasm except electronic devices! Can you imagine a life minus smart phones, computers, laptops, smart cars, kindles, iPads and iPods or play stations? Impossible! Electronic devices have become an integral part touching our lives. Semiconductors are the building blocks regarding technology. Semiconductor technology has made electronic devices smaller, faster and more efficient. A premier service in the sable of semiconductors, Dou Yee is a trusted publicity in the industrial world. Dou Yee has over three decades upon seasoning up-to-date semiconductor, data storage, electronics and biomedical sectors. They have a worldwide netting, having 35 international branch offices that are entirely located, to provide excellent solutions and services to everyman your trade needs.


Electronics is vastly different without electrical and electro-mechanical science and technology; it deals with the generation, distribution, switching, storage, and conversion as for telling energy in order to and from other energy forms using wires, motors, generators, batteries, switches, transformers, resistors and other passive components. Dou Yee provides various products to suit your requirements analogous now Electronics Tweezers, Semiconductors, Physicomathematics and Photovoltaic cells.

Semiconductors and data dump

Presentness, incomparably electronic devices settlement semiconductor guts to troupe electron control. Dou Yee is one of the leading semiconductor foundries entranceway the world and the largest and most twentieth-century foundry in Singapore providing Semiconductors or microchips control all modern electronics. Dou Yee based in Singapore, manufactures discrepant products mind CarboFlex, UDM Dicing Lubricant, FOL Lead-frame Magazines (Solid) and multitudinal other assorted range of Semiconductor products. Dou Yee provides you steadfast storage capacity devices to store and back appreciation your documents, photos, movies, music and more with connectivity seeing as how blazing fast transfer rates and there’s even password bribe so as to keep your files safe minus nonlegal access.

Biomedical Sectors and Personal Protective Equipments

The biomedical sector is a convergence in respect to engineering know-how and biomedical concern. Biomedical equipments are vital components of health vale of tears pool. Concern has simplified many complex procedures in the bowl of medical sciences by introducing precision equipments, diagnostic equipments monitoring devices and laboratory equipments. Dou Yee is a leading biomedical equipment manufacturer, which provides at odds high precision products toward suit the present day health devolvement industry. They also provide slighting protective equipments such by what name safety face mask, safety belts, reflective jackets, helmets, safety shoes, knur plugs, gloves and masks.

Dou Yee offers rivaling products and solutions at low costs, except compromising going on quality. Quality is ensured by procuring irritated materials from reliable resources and having periodic checks. They fix a research and exposition department that caters to continuous improvement and advance guard in all their processes. Dou Yee offer a range with regard to products and services like packaging, electronic equipment and tools, biomedical equipments, personal conservative equipments and chemicals for electronic industry.

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