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Grandiloquent Word of the Day: Lunting
-The activity of walking about whilst smoking a pipe.

From 1540-50; Dutch “lont” match, fuse; akin to Middle Low German “lunte” match, wick.
The word “lunt” means a match; the flame used to light a fire.
Also: -smoke or steam, especially smoke from a tobacco pipe.
verb (used without object) -to emit smoke or steam. -to smoke a pipe.
verb (used with object) -to kindle (a fire). -to light (a pipe, torch, etc.).

Used in a sentence:
“If it weren’t for lunting, I’m afraid I’d get little to no exercise at all.”

Lunting is something that the great Sherlock Holmes was well known for. He was fond of his pipe, and smoking it helped him think. If he ever found himself stuck with a tough case, he’d just shuffle his feet, move his arms like the pistons of a steam engine and say “Chugga-chugga choo-CHOO!” and presto! He’d solve the case!

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