Happy Llama-versary!


It’s been exactly one year today since we launched Alto’s Adventure on the App Store!

We knew it would become a landmark moment in our lives, as we approached the end of a two-year-long development process. But nothing could prepare us for what came next…


The game was met with critical acclaim, being reviewed by almost every major media outlet around the world, and securing a series of prominent features on the App Store.

As the year progressed, Apple continued to show their love by featuring the game in multiple ad campaigns, installing it on demo devices in their retail stores worldwide, and most notably, awarding it a prestigious “Best of 2015″ accolade on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Not too long ago we launched Alto’s Adventure for Apple TV.


And just last week we finally brought the game to Android and Kindle Fire.


But above all, we want to thank you, our fans, for playing the game and making it all worthwhile. Seriously, you guys mean everything to us! We’ve been amazed by the outpouring of support, the kind words, the touching emails and especially the fan art! Here are just a few of our favourites:


We’re also really excited for the road ahead. People often ask us what we’re working on, and we’re usually pretty quiet about it. It’s for good reason though – we don’t want to over-announce and under-deliver. You can, however, be sure that we’re hard at work over here, and not a day goes by where we aren’t excited about the next.

You can stay tuned tuned by following @builtbysnowman on Twitter and on Facebook at http://facebook.com/builtbysnowman.

Thanks again,

Ryan, Harry, and Jordan

from Tumblr http://kindlecompared.tumblr.com/post/141078267609
via http://www.kindlecompared.com


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