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If, as Plutarch asserted, a mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled, this course equips teachers to kindle the fire. Teachers, particularly teachers of students ages 11 to 14, will learn to inspire and cultivate critical thinking among their students. Though teachers of all subjects will benefit from the course, the focus is on literacy and language arts, mathematics, science, and citizenship education.

Pedagogical Strategies for Development of Critical Thinking offers both theoretical and practical tools to help teachers embed critical thinking in each part of the teaching process from the lesson plan to the assessment.

Using videos, real-world lesson plans, sample rubrics, and more, participants will define critical thinking and explore how the teaching and learning process changes when shifting from filling vessels with information to fostering independent thinking. Teachers will learn four methodologies that promote critical thinking and study an example of how several academic subjects and methodologies can be connected into a meaningful, multidisciplinary learning activity.

Structured as a toolkit which teachers use at their own pace, the course features eight units, each with prompts for reflection and planning exercises that will help teachers bring to life in the classroom what they learn through the course.

Whether teachers are new to the notion of critical thinking or have long incorporated it into their classrooms but are looking for some new ideas, Pedagogical Strategies for Development of Critical Thinking can help them kindle the fire of learning in their students.

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Pedagogical Strategies for Development of Critical Thinking

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