[Request] Help with recomendations of where to start? via /r/Erotica


[Request] Help with recomendations of where to start?

If this isn’t this right place to ask, sorry! Does anyone know if there is a better place?

I pretty much have just always preferred erotica to anything else, but haven’t ever really been able to get into much of anything. Not for lack of interest, lack of being able to get a hold of anything worth reading. But maybe I just don’t know where to look? I’ve read a bit of basic stuff on those sites that people can submit their own writing, but that’s getting excruciatingly boring and monotonous. I’d like to find some actual books, I work at a bookstore so I like having actual pages in my hands rather than a screen, but I’m not against any online or kindle recomendations for websites, short stories or anything like that.

Aside from that, I’m not particularly into anything, but that’s kind of why I’d like to explore further into erotica’s realms. I like any mix of genders or numbers of people and anal is probably my most daring fetish I know I have, if the only one, really, which is why I’d like to see if I can find anything in erotica.

The one thing I will say though, Fifty Shades of Grey was crap. Could hardly finish it, I had to force myself to on principle. So I guess not stuff like that. Sorry if there are any fans out there, maybe I just don’t get it.

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