“Yes,” said Mrs. Olivier, plainly having no idea what the news meant to us, but still smiling kindly from one to the other. “It is America.”
Jamie straightened his shoulders and smiled back at her. The clean bright air stirred his hair like kindling flames.
“In that case, ma’am,” he said, “my name is Jamie Fraser.” He looked then at me, eyes blue and brilliant as the sky behind him, and his heart beat strong in the palm of my hand.
“And this is Claire,” he said. “My wife.”

Alright, guys, that’s it. That’s it. That’s finally, completely, 100% it for this book. Took me freakin’ long enough, too. Thank you for holding in there with me, I know it was long. I was determined to finish this, and while I didn’t get to the end before midnight, it’s still before the sun came up, so that totally counts at 200 pages in one day, right? Yes, right.
Given that, it is now 1:30am and I’m going blissfully to bed. This will queue up about an two-and-a-half hours after I’ve finished, but good night to all of you in the Americas, and good day to the entire rest of the world. I’ll see you around 10am.

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