Week 3 – The Alice Project


So our new task is to convert the text of Alice in Wonderland into an E-Publication, which is basically something along the lines of Kindle. A book that you can read and access on all kinds of platforms such as ipad, iphone, tablets and more.  We were tasked to create two versions; a fixed version (where text and images stay put) and a reflowable version (a version that alters itself based on the specs of the current device used). 

We’ve been put into a group of four and our Project Manager is Maddie and QA is De-Anne, with Simon and I being Common Grunts. Initially, our style guides were extremely sketchy as were our plans – we were honestly very inexperienced in this area of expertise and are basically blinding reaching everywhere. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend all the classes so I couldn’t be with my group but with the help of Google Docs and Slack (a chat software) I was able to communicate and discuss with the team.

Initially, our style guide was extremely drafted as we didn’t even know the necessary prerequisites exactly, or if we had forgotten something important to add. Later on we definitely brushed it up, which I’m glad for. At first the group discussions went well, even when we were making decisions. However it all went sketchy when we were on the subject of Capslock – which to my surprise, turned out to be our biggest issue here as we could not come to an unanimous decision. 

After leaving it undecided, a few days later it was decided that we would have Capslock but only in the situation of someone shouting. With the other decision such as margins and indents we were able to come to unanimous decisions rather easily. De-Annie (thank you so much!) provided us with the basic layout and style guides for our indesign folders, whilst also giving us a way to name our folders and chapters for maximum efficiency. 

All in all, this seems to be going quite well! Week 4 we’re supposed to scan the images and then implement them. I hope it turns out well.

Speaking of scanners, I can’t seem to get my printer working very well. It isn’t the ink’s problem or anything but the printing and scanning results occasionally are very…poor. I hope I can get it fixed soon 😦

Until next week!

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