Get the most Miley-age possible on your i-Whatever or Kindle Fire Infinity-D


Whether you’re watching the fiercely sliced-and-diced Miley Cyrus performance from the VMA’s on the hottest trending electronic item on amazon, the Kindle Fire HD (does not come with a catheter and bed pan (ala money moustache), or watching Glee’s late star, Cory Monteith’s trailer for the upcoming All The Wrong Reasons, technology comes banging down your door.  A $200 tablet looks appealing, that’s probably why people are nabbing this Fire instead of iPads that are much more expensive. I am a musician, and the list of gear that I want is literally endless, because by the time I had it all and learned to use it, something new would be out.  In general I try to postpone new purchases as long as possible.  

Why do I bring this up? It’s well documented that the items like the Fire, or any Apple products, have used some shady labor tactics in China. My fiance Anne is very against buying new items and particularly clothing for this reason.  Problem is that these things happen across the world out of sight, and the people telling us about these horrors are often telling us via posting on products that use these technologies.  But an insane messenger can easily be clutching a piece of paper with the clearest human truth, so we can’t rule out the message just because they are delivered by flawed humans. I am one, and so are you. 🙂

  But morality is never about deprivation, it’s about abundance.  We should remember that.  If you used to throw hostess twinkies (remember that company?) at the bathroom wall as a kid (guilty), and then empathized with the guy who has to clean it up and stopped doing it, you don’t feel deprived right? No! You feel better about yourself for not making that guy’s day hellish.  If you use to throw Kindle Fire’s at the bathroom wall, well then you need a whole ‘nother level of help, my friend!

So my philosophy is just to get as much miley-age as you can out of these wonderful geek tools and not to go bonkers right away to get the new one.  I love my iPod 5, which I received as a gift. I use it as a camera, to share with friends, and even on stage to make music.  But I plan on keeping it as long as possible, and next time…getting one used.  

By the way if you look at the first favorable review of the Fire (here) , you can “find” this humorous comment…..

Compared to my iPad 3, obviously the Fire HD is not as “good” so to speak.

from Tumblr


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