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Tesco, UK’s largest supermarket chain and the world’s second-most-profitable retailer behind Walmart, has announced it is launching an Android tablet.

The device, named the “Hudl“ (pronounced “huddle”), is an attempt to follow Amazon’s model of offering an extremely cheap content portal that encourages customers to use other services. The device mostly runs stock Android 4.2.2 (including the Google Apps), but Tesco has added a small “T” to the left side of the system bar that will bring up an app for Tesco’s myriad services. The Tesco app will give you access to groceries, recipes, coupons, loyalty cards, movie rentals, music, clothing, and even the Tesco credit card and Tesco bank.

Tesco will actually undercut the Kindle Fire HD in the UK, selling for £119 ($191) vs. the £159 ($255) Amazon charges for the Fire HD. With a price like that, the specs aren’t going to be fantastic. According to Engadget, the device has a 7-inch 1440×900 display, a quad-core Rockchip 1.5Ghz processor, 16GB of storage, and a microSD slot. The device will be built by Archos, but Tesco says it had significant input into the design.

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