pumpkin-patch41: I think my Kindle Fire HD that I got not even 3 months ago for my birthday is…


I think my Kindle Fire HD that I got not even 3 months ago for my birthday is trying to carp on me. I haven’t had it for 3 months! Agh!!

I had it sitting on the counter in a case and I was on the Silk browser looking something up on Wikipedia. I stepped away for less than a minute – long enough to move something out of the kitchen floor – and when I came back, the screen was blank… totally turned off. I know it didn’t get wet because there was nothing wet near it. There was no possible way for it to get wet. It wouldn’t turn on, turn off, or do anything. I started googling solutions, and the lock screen came on, but it was super bright and flickering. When I entered my code, the screen went blank again. A few minutes later, the home screen came up (where you can see all your books/apps/etc), but it was flickering, SUPER bright, and it was ghosting the lock screen that it’d been showing before. I shut it down, let it sit for a few minutes, then turned it back on. The Kindle Fire screen came on like it usually does, then disappeared, and now it’s still stuck blank. I’ve plugged it into my computer with the cord it came with, and my computer eventually recognised it, but otherwise, nothing else has happened. And I’m desperately hoping my Kindle hasn’t gone “kaput.”

If it doesn’t start working again, I think I’m either gonna meltdown, start crying, or do some combination thereof.

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