I have been an Apple fanboy since OSX launched in 2000. Seeing Apple’s meteoric rise over the last 20 or so years has been fascinating. They seem to have caught the eye with the simple and straightforward plan. To develop hardware and software that works together.

I was in a coffee shop today and the number of Apple laptops was greater than any other that was out on display. Google for a long time seem to be the one’s that would take Apple’s crown but looking at what Amazon are doing, they are a laptop launch away from being considered the number one technology company in the world.

Why do I say this? Well unlike Apple and Google, Amazon actually creates content. This is content that people want to consume on a daily basis, movies, books and audio. Add to this their distribution platform both online and offline, nothing comes close.

Their hardware offering is unique, check out http://www.kindlecompared.com and you will quickly see, that they have an e-reader, a tablet, a TV platform and a phone.

They really do have the ability to own the whole ecosystem for these handheld portable devices.


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